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Robotic Welding

At TJD Industriel, we understand that using the latest technology is what makes it possible for us to keep our customers satisfied by producing parts and components more quickly, more efficiently and more accurately.

That is why our plant is equipped with a welding robot to provide the highest possible consistency, speed and precision. The robot can handle large parts, with a capability of programming four work stations at once. By loading multiple workpieces – whether the same or not – production time can be minimized, as workpieces can be loaded and unloaded while the robot is in operation.

The control system can be programmed for different types of welds on diverse materials, including steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

When it comes to welding, the standard at TJD Industriel is flexibility, quality and efficiency.

  • 6-axis welding robot
  • Vertically articulated
  • Precision (repeatability): ± 0.06 mm (0.002 in.)